Outreach And Brand Ambassadors

Get Kids into Survey Brand Ambassadors: Inspiring the next generation to see that our world is a playground, one adventure at a time!

A special thank you needs to be mentioned to Topcon for enabling the growth of our Brand Ambassador network. In 2024 we have introduced the Brand Ambassador Hub which allows everyone to stay connected as a community and puts all outreach resources in one place.


Let’s learn some more about why we created this initiative…

It’s our vision to ‘Inspire the next generation of surveyors’, which includes demonstrating to kids what our industry is all about…

To begin with children might find the elements of surveying interesting because it involves exploring and understanding the world around them in a hands-on way. Surveying includes using cool tools like maps, computers, and measuring instruments. It’s like going on a real-life treasure hunt where they get to discover hidden places, solve puzzles, and learn how things are connected. Plus, it taps into their natural curiosity by showing them how everything in their world fits together like pieces of a giant puzzle.


If you are thinking that the above information is accurate and great… BUT have no idea where to get started? That’s where we come in!


The role of GKiS is to create the resources (with the help of industry sponsors) that adults (surveyors/parents/teachers) can use to teach the kids about the geospatial industry. This enables surveyors to carry out the outreach with the materials that we provide, all for free as a voluntary basis.


We ask many of our Brand Ambassadors HOW they discovered the profession. To which many reply:

-’I fell into it’

-’my father/uncle was a surveyor and I liked it’

-’I applied for a trainee position as an adult and developed from there’


Can you imagine the amount of extra people that would love to be a surveyor… if only they had heard of the job when they were growing up!?!


By teaching young people about surveying, through fun resources, this will make them aware of what a surveyor is. By bringing awareness to the industry that will create curiosity for the kids to go on to learn more about the industry (and potentially enter into it when they are older). 


Let’s look at the timeline:

-have more kids studying STEM at lower school.

-have more adolescents study geomatics related courses at college/university level.

-reduce the overall skills shortage in the industry by recruiting more surveyors.

Get Kids into Survey help this movement through our volunteer Brand Ambassadors. Our Brand Ambassadors have a passion for their jobs and the industry they work in… ready to spread the word throughout their local area!


We’ve got a fantastic overview of a recent outreach event from our young ambassador Dylan Pugh… read about what he does and the challenges he faces in our blog here.


By becoming a brand ambassador for Get Kids into Survey you’ll empower individuals to be catalysts for curiosity and learning in the younger generation. By promoting the exciting world of surveying, ambassadors contribute to inspiring kids to explore and understand their surroundings. This role not only fosters a sense of adventure and discovery but also plays a vital part in shaping the future by encouraging children to engage with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, promoting critical thinking, and fostering a love for exploration and problem-solving from an early age.


What do you get as a Brand Ambassador?

-Access to an expanding collection of outreach materials

-Be a part of the Brand Ambassador community Hub with thanks to Topcon

-Have your own profile on the global website, with a map point linking to it.

-Chance to grow your connections and personal brand

-Knowledge that you are directly helping to support the future of the industry!


What are the expectations of a Brand Ambassador?

-We require the applicant to have a passion for the industry with a shared vision to ‘get kids into survey’.

-Have some availability to designate towards going into their local community… Whether that be to do a talk with a group of students, or just to distribute some posters around a couple of schools would be great.

-Be active on the Brand Ambassador hub by interacting with other ambassadors and sharing your outreach efforts.

-Be active on social media by liking the odd post, shares are very much appreciated too in order to spread the word around multiple connections.


How can you apply to be a Brand Ambassador?

Our application process has been simplified so you can enter your profile photos and profile information to the online form here.


This means we can review your application, invite you to the hub, add you to the comms list, and have your profile up on the website within days!


So… what are you waiting for?


Any extra questions or if anyone is struggling to apply please let us know at erin@getkidsintosurvey.com