GKIS Brand Ambassador Outreach- Dylan Pugh

A Bit About Outreach by our fabulous Brand Ambassador Dylan Pugh!

“Hi my name is Dylan, I’m an Apprentice Civil Engineering Surveyor with Alun Griffiths. I started as an apprentice at aged 16, currently 19 (Nearly 20), but I have been carrying out surveys and going out to sites since I was 14/15 and younger with my Dad. I’ve been doing careers events, school presentations, and helping with school visits to sites for Griffiths. Telling students my journey so far in the industry which involves promoting drones and flying them, working on a variety of different projects with Sea Defense, Link Roads, Retaining walls, and ducting, and currently on major projects as a Section Engineer looking at major earthworks, cuttings, bridges, roundabouts, underpasses, and ecology on site. As well as learning and using 3D GPS Machine Control on the excavators and dozers allowing us to have better accuracy and reducing the human error and time when doing profiles and batter rails.”

Here’s a link to a video of Dylan doing a talk in Narbeth Primary school for the company Griffiths.


Could you tell us a bit more about how you go about preparing for the school visits and careers fairs? 

I ask what age group I’m doing it for as if it’s primary school kids then I’ll make my presentation more simple and add a bit of humor to it to make it fun for them but to learn as well. For GCSE or Comprehensive school kids, I try to make it more in-depth as this affects where they go to study in college, their careers, what GCSE subjects they pick, etc.

At Careers Fairs I try to show off what you can do in Engineering Surveying to attract people to the stall. Previously I showed a 3d model and video from a drone of a Quarry, explaining how it took only 25 mins to complete it using the robotic Total Station and Dumpy!

Do the kids get involved and ask lots of questions? 

Yes, they do, as I love my work and Engineering Surveying with a passion, so they ask me about my experiences, advice and why I picked this line of work. In my talks I start and end with any questions to see what they want answered and to know.

Do you find doing outreach rewarding?

Yes, I enjoy outreach events as it’s rewarding helping people and I do enjoy talking about what’s in the industry and what is on the goal line. As I want to be the best I can be and go beyond like the likes of Thomas Telford and Isambard Kingdom Brunnel. I aim to make a change to the industry and push it so doing the outreach makes me feel like I’m getting closer to that goal and helping the industry to get better. Promoting people who could change the industry too and make a difference together.

What would you say to other professionals if they are asked to do a presentation- what is your advice to them on carrying out outreach?

The best advice I can give is to speak from the heart and show your passion for the industry as that goes a long way and shows you enjoy your work, and that it’s not a chore. Don’t sugarcoat anything thinking that you can as they are only kids. Tell the truth and share your experiences, I’m only 20 and I knew at age 13 I wanted to go into this industry! Kids in comprehensive schools are smart and they know what’s out there because of their experiences, the internet, the news, and talking to people. You always get good and bad days but that’s life itself, you’ll get more good days in a place you enjoy going to and enjoy working… So finding something that connects to your interests/passion is a priority.