Sponsor the Future! #GetKidsIntoSurvey

There is a global skills shortage in surveying so in November 2017 we set up ‘Get Kids Into Survey’. What started as a fun side campaign has now developed into a permanent initiative/company with a mission to educate and excite the next generation of surveyors. However we can’t do any of it without the support of the surveying community, so we’re asking for your help!

Could you sponsor the production of one or more fabulous #GetKidsIntoSurvey posters, which get shipped to schools and youth groups all over the world? In return, you’ll get your business logo right onto the poster on a character’s jacket, a product or equipment. Look at Piggle Wiggle the dog, for example, wearing her TopoDOT hi-vis jacket!  

Below, you can find out about forthcoming poster editions, the distribution details for past posters, and what you get as part of your sponsorship package. Currently, 95% of the posters are being requested by survey firms, which is fantastic: these firms take the posters into local schools themselves, which builds relationships and saves on our admin and shipping costs.

Sponsorship opportunities Get Kids into Survey

Poster production schedule

We produce FOUR fabulous posters a year: one per quarter, each with a print run of up to 3,000 (depending on exhibitions, demand, etc).


We’d love to have a conversation with you about sponsorship of any future edition.  So please email us!

Get kids into survey brand sposors

Sponsorship opportunities exist for…

Edition Date Topic Sponsorship Deadline
Poster 8 Q2 2019 Smart Cities UK/EU Released (Order Here)
Poster 8 Q2 2019 Smart Cities Americas Released (Order Here)
Poster 8 Q2 2019 Smart Cities Australasia 24th July (For Aug release)
Poster 9 Q3 2019 Offshore/ Marine UK/EU 31st July (For Aug release)
Poster 9 Q3 2019 Offshore/ Marine Australasia 31st July (For Aug release)
Poster 9 Q3 2019 Offshore/ Marine Americas 31st July (For Aug release)
Poster 10 Q4 2019 Utilities, Rail and Land UK/EU 1st Oct (For Nov release)
Poster 10 Q4 2019 Utilities, Rail and Land Australasia 18th Oct (For Nov release)
Poster 10 Q4 2019 Utilities, Rail and Land Americas 18th Oct (For Nov release)

OK, here’s the deal!

Besides the visibility of your brand on the relevant poster, as a sponsor you’ll get:

  • A box of 120 posters (which will carry a charge for shipping by TNT/Royal Mail for Europe/ROW, or NSPS for North America)
  • Mention on the Get Kids Into Survey website.
  • Coverage on social media
    • Facebook

    • Twitter   

    • LinkedIn

    • Instagram

      We also monitor social media for third-party mentions (so when you post about it, make sure you use the hashtag #GetKidsIntoSurvey so we can see and share your post!)

‘Get Kids into Survey Sponsor’ logo badge for socials and website

Package 1

Your logo in one position on one product or jacket, showing an application

Price: £390 GBP or US$550

Example of Package 1 logo.

Package 2

Any additional logo on a jacket, product or equipment once you’ve already paid for one logo placement

Price: £350 GBP or US$500

Package 3

Your logo on a flag in a prominent position.

Price: £550 GBP or US$900

Package 3
Example of Package 3 logo on flag.

Package 4

A special character (featuring your logo) which kids will have to spot because each poster comes with a set of teacher-led activities. Piggle Wiggle is a real dog belonging to utility surveyor Eric Albanese, and is sponsored by TopoDOT! There are big plans for all our special characters, including books, t-shirts and other merchandise.

Price: £950 GBP or US$1250

Package 5

Your logo on large equipment (or similar), in a prominent position.

Price: £950 GBP or US$1250

Copyright in all characters, illustrations and layouts of ‘Get Kids Into Survey’ and ‘Get Kids into Geospatial’ is owned by Elaine Ball Ltd. Sponsorship of characters can change.

Want to know more?

  1. Call us for a chat about what you’d like  which poster edition, which sponsorship package (and with what type of equipment, jacket colour, etc) and your budget. Feel free to suggest things we haven’t even thought of yet!
  2. When you’ve decided on the right option for you, complete the application form below.
  3. Send us your logo: ideally an EPS file, but a high-resolution JPG is good, too.
  4. Let us have all your social media handles.

#GETKIDSINTOSURVEY Sponsorship Application

    Contact us at hello@getkidsintosurvey.com if you have any questions or would like more info:

Do you have a passion for the Surveying Industry? Do you want to see it thrive, and inspire future generations?

We do too and in order to do that we want to keep on creating FREE fun and educational material like our posters. Please keep #GetKidsintoSurvey educational material FREE by donating today.