Intergeo Report 2023

Let’s look at some of the most common questions on the stand this year?

  • What is Get Kids into Survey. 

Get Kids into Survey is an initiative to try and inspire future geospatial experts. With the mission statement: To get every child to understand the terminology of survey and geospatial in every language globally, resulting in kids wanting to be part of the industry, reducing demand for staff.


  • How does it work? We are funded for my industry to create exciting resources for children. Our resources combine school subjects with geospatial terminology and information. To bring forward the geospatial industry knowledge to younger children, with the hopes that they gain an understanding of what they do and potentially go on to study for a career in geospatial.


  • How can we collaborate with Universities? We would love to chat to Universities about how we can work together! 


  • Ages GKiS target? Children aged 8-12 years old.


  • Who takes care of taking this to schools and kids? Our Brand Ambassador network are our foundation. These wonderful volunteers from industry seek out local outreach opportunities and use our resources to help inform the groups about surveying.

Parents and teachers also have access to all of our resources as they are free on the website. The idea is they are easily accessible worldwide so that anyone can use them!


  • How would it benefit potential companies to be part of GKiS? By joining Get Kids into Survey as a Brand Sponsor you are helping the future of the industry. We need to attract more talent to study these careers and then go on to enter the profession. We do this by creating educational resources with sponsorship money, which are customised to the sponsoring company.


By being a sponsor you receive a cool bespoke cartoon character which can be used in your marketing too. We have a large following so will post about your company on our social media and website to promote your company for being a part of our mission.


-What was the most popular product/poster? 

Everyone loved all of the posters, it really brought a bunch of people to the stand and there was a lot of interest. The one we kept hearing the most about was “A world without Surveyors” which is one of our latest releases based on the GeoSquad Comic Book scene of Middletown.

We didn’t have many Comic Books to take with us so we just had a demo or two, we are pleased to say we now have 500 in stock!! They are available through our website here.


-Intergeo 2023 was our teammate Paola’s FIRST event in the industry, we asked her how she found it:

“My main realisation from the event was: “There has to be more awareness about the geospatial world” 

I love the fact that GKiS is doing exactly that, there is so much opportunity in so many levels in the industry that I feel that are only known by those in it. 

There has to be more attention about what the industry is and does to those not involved in it”.


-What Does the Future Hold for Get Kids into Survey and the Industry as a Whole!

This was our presentation this year as part of the early careers section on the Expo Stage. There were a bunch of people interested in GKiS in general who had never heard about us. The feedback was really positive… Energetic, fun, different. Which explain our company well, we think!


-GKiS was featured on Intergeo TV! Watch here: