Character Spotlight ‘Wood Rodgers’

Introducing Wood Rodgers our latest sponsor of two re-prints for the West Coast!

Company Name: Wood Rodgers, Inc.

Location: 9 locations throughout Nevada and California

Why is it important for your company to help Get Kids into Survey? Land Surveyors have not done a great job in the past of mentoring young professionals, promoting growth within the profession, or providing public outreach. Get Kids into Survey is now the best, most visible resource we have for promoting the profession.

What do you do? Wood Rodgers is a multidisciplinary firm with experience in a wide range of technical areas which includes Surveying and Mapping, Right-of-Way Surveying, Aerial Mapping (LiDAR & Photogrammetry), Engineering Surveying, Mine Surveying, and Construction Surveying.

How long have you been in the survey industry? Wood Rodgers had been providing civil engineering and surveying services for over 27 years.

How did you end up getting into the geospatial industry? Wood Rodgers wanted to be a one stop shop for services and surveying is a huge technical aspect to help the company providing seamless services to our clients.

Favorite piece of kit and why? Levels, total station, GPS, scanner, drone… whatever the right tool is for the job!

Favorite Survey technique and why? Anything that creates a point cloud, it just never gets old looking at them!

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How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name? The character we chose represents one of our company founders, Rich Wood. Rich was instrumental in creating a company that provides unmatched client service, while encouraging and emphasizing an entrepreneurial atmosphere. With this culture, Wood Rodgers has been able to attract and retain highly talented, experienced, and hardworking professionals due to our commitment of encouraging staff according to their efforts and providing an employee-focused environment.