Character Spotlight ‘Maltby Surveys’

Welcome to our latest sponsors Maltby Surveys… don’t forget to check out their Homework Project ‘Keeping and Eye on London’

  1.   Company Name –Maltby Land Surveys Ltd
  2.   Location – Haywards Heath, Warwick, Huddersfield, London.
  3.   Why is it important for your company to help Get Kids into Survey? Our aim is always to be pushing our industry forward and we feel investing in the future is the most important way in which we can do this. To be able to give back to future generations and share the knowledge we have amassed through four decades in the industry is something we feel passionately about. As a family business with two generations involved, the future of the industry is something we want to look after and getting kids into surveying is the way to do that.

Surveying is still a relatively small industry and that can mean that finding surveying as a potential career for a young person is a challenge within itself. The bigger the reach and the more accessible information for young people out in the open means a better chance of giving kids the opportunity to consider surveying as an option. This is vital in order to preserve the industry for future generations.

  1.   What do you do? We are a multidisciplinary Geomatics company. We specialise in producing highly accurate measured building surveys, BIM models and both 2D and 3D Topographical Surveys from our Haywards Heath office. Whilst our Warwick office predominantly carry out large and small Inshore Hydrographic surveys. This can range from flood defence work to large scale residential development projects.
  2.   How long have you been in the survey industry? 38 years.
  3.   How did you end up getting into the geospatial industry? My first job was working for Thames Water in the Hydrographic department in Reading in the 70s! Learning the “ropes” from some very experienced Naval Hydrographers. We would measure the depth of the River Thames from Teddington in London to Lechlade in Gloucestershire. We would use echo sounders and sextants and produce contour plans showing all the high and low spots under the water. This information was used as the basis for dredging plans to make sure the Thames was always navigable for both small and large vessels.
  1.   State a funny fact about you… I used to spend my days flying around the seafront at Brighton pinching people’s chips and ice cream. Then one day I decided to get a proper job, so I took my exams and qualified as a drone pilot. So now I let these airborne machines do all that exhausting flying that I used to do, and I have enough money to buy my own chips and ice cream. If you ever come down to Brighton, be sure to look out for me. I’m the big friendly seagull with the “Maltby Surveys” hard hat – you can’t miss me!
  1.   Favourite piece of kit and why? Our intention is always to stay as cutting edge and up to date with the latest techniques and methods within the industry as we possibly can and for that reason we are currently extremely excited at what our Drone is currently capable of producing. Not only is it capable of producing a wide range of stunning photography, it is also allowing us to broaden the range of deliverables we can offer. It is an exciting time to be in the industry as technological advancements are moving quicker than they ever have before and because of this; it means the entire industry is having to change with it. The fundamentals remain the same but what we can offer to clients keeps evolving and moving forwards. Its great to remain at the forefront of it.
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  3. How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name? Our Seagull ‘Stanley’ felt apt owing largely to two of the three company directors’ close affinity to Brighton and Hove Albion football club; the seagull being their longtime mascot. It also felt appropriate to have a flying character owing to the newest member of our equipment fleet; our Drone. Showcasing our aerial capabilities is something we are keen to push forward and we like to think our Seagull could help us!