Character Spotlight ’90 Degree’

Introducing our sponsors 90 Degree!

Company Name – 90 DEGREE

Location Romania, Transylvania, Brasov

Why is it important for your company to help Get Kids into Survey? The geospatial industry is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to do so in the coming years. By introducing kids to this field early on, they may be inspired to pursue a career in it and take advantage of the many job opportunities available.

We witnessed a lack of technicians in the sector in most fields, and I believe that as time goes on, the globe would suffer greatly as a result of this lack of knowledge. Personally, I believe that a company like this should exist to introduce every sector of technology into schools sooner, because they can blend the fun side of each profession with the technical part. In this approach, even children who may lack parental support and guidance will have access to a wide range of opportunities.

Overall, every organisation, including ourselves, will have enough manpower to keep the survey technology going.

What do you do? 90 DEGREE specialises in creating engaging point cloud/CAD/3D BIM fly-through animations. These types of visualisations are highly effective marketing tools for companies that offer 3D scanning services, as they allow potential clients to see the results of the scanning process in a clear and engaging way. In short, our company helps other businesses showcase their 3D scanning services using dynamic and interactive visualisations.

How long have you been in the survey industry? We have been in the industry for 10+ years (in surveying), processing data, scanning, filming the scanning process, but for the last 2 years we focused only on fly-through animations.

How did you end up getting into the geospatial industry? I did not participate in any surveying studies for the same reasons stated above: a lack of guidance in both family and school (thus, again, with good guidance, perhaps a kid somewhere will have this opportunity). I had no idea what a point cloud was until a few years ago, but once I knew what it was, I found the concept fascinating. So, in this way I was able to merge my photographic love with the amazingness of scanning.

While my initial path was as a videographer for a scanning company, something more geared towards the artistic aspects of these fields, 3D scanning, point clouds and deliverables, likely sparked an interest in my path.

As a video editor in the geospatial industry, I have a unique opportunity to use my creative skills to help visualise complex data sets and communicate important information to others.

State a funny fact about you: If you did not know: stags are good swimmers, capable of reaching great speeds in water. They will occasionally cross lakes and rivers in search of food on the other side. These animals are far more powerful and adaptable than you may have anticipated.

So, fun fact: our cartoon character can swim, but I can’t. Well, in Transylvania, we are widely known for other things, not for swimming, if you know what I mean.

Favourite piece of kit and why? As members of this industry profile, we are accustomed to working with a wide range of systems and the many types of point clouds that can come from them. We are not in a position to choose between platforms because they all have something unique to offer and may exhibit various types of projects.

In our opinion, each organization should have the ability to promote their services based on their budget and the market services that they offer. And now we’ve arrived on stage

Favourite Survey technique and why? The most popular survey technique is, of course, 3D scanning, because the major workflow that we use includes cad drawings, 3D building models, and, of course, point clouds.

As previously said, 3D scanning techniques feed our work routines, thus it takes first position.

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How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name? Elmer the stag has an exceptionally broad geographic distribution, and cultures all around the world have attributed this animal metaphorical importance. Because stags shed their antlers in the autumn and regenerate them in the spring, they are signs of the changing seasons and heralds of fresh life. So we can say that the stag is a symbol of rebirth.

We had a rough start moving forward, and we started from virtually zero after opting to go it alone, so we can say that, like the antlers, we started growing anew. We can only pray that each autumn they will fall and that each spring they will begin to sprout again!