Ambassador Spotlight ‘Nishshanka De Silva’

Welcome to our latest Brand Ambassador, Nishshanka from Colombo,
Sri Lanka!

Where did you study?

  1. Faculty of Geomatics, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.
  2. University of Colombo in Sri Lanka.

What are the requirements to be a surveyor in your area? Should have a Bachelor  of Science degree of Surveying Science with 3 years of experience. Then we can get registration from the Land Surveyor Council in Sri Lanka.

How did you get into surveying? I have been selected for the B.Sc Surveying Science degree course at the Faculty of Geomatics, Sabaragamuwa University after the 2007 Advanced Level Examination.I graduated in May 2013 and joined the Sri Lanka Surveying Department in October 2014 and obtained my Land Survey Council registration as a Registered Licensed Surveyor in August 2018.

How long have you been in the industry? 2008-2013 Survey Student , 2013-2018 -Surveyor 2018-2022- Registered Licensed Surveyor

Are you part of any associations or organisations you would like us to mention?

Member of Surveyor Institute of Sri Lanka (SISL)

Associate Member of CASLE ( pending )

Why do you want to be a GKiS Brand Ambassador? I am the Managing Director of GLOBAL GIS PVT LTD/ Registered Licensed Surveyor and Active Member of Sri Lanka Institute of Surveyors. Generally, we do a lot of awareness programs and demonstrations about surveying in Sri Lanka. So I am considering giving it international exposure and working with the international community. I came into this field by accident. Now I enjoy this job well, so I want to promote this among children.

Why is it important for kids to know about surveying and the wider geospatial industry? It is a great job in the world with many opportunities. They can enjoy life/job with an environment and unforgettable experience.

What are you going to do as an ambassador for GKiS? Promote GKIS among the national and international communities by organizing workshops/seminars and such programmes.

What are your hobbies? Playing Cricket and Watch movies

What resource would you like to see next from GKiS? To see in every international  geospatial event.