Ambassador Spotlight ‘Melvin Penwill’

Introducing Melvin Penwill covering the Midlands, UK:

Where did you study? Nottingham Trent University
Requirements to be a Surveyor in your area: Anyone can set up as a surveyor in the UK, but I would recommend people to have a good mathematical background and a love for the outside world.
How long have you been in the industry? Around 25 years
How did you get into surveying? At college I completed a GNVQ in Construction and the Built Environment and from there I really enjoyed the surveying side. Then in my free time I worked with a local surveyor in Devon who montored dams. I really enjoyed the surveying side, being outside and seeing new places. I was hooked!
Associations and organisations you are a part of: Member of Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors – CICES
Part of a working group for the International Federation of Surveyors – FIG
Why are you volunteering as a Brand Ambassador? I’m so passionate about promoting my job which I’ve been part of for the last 25 years and it will be great to talk to kids about it. All the way through my career, I always had to explain to people what I did fora job, as it was never as easy as saying you were a doctor or teacher for example.
Why is GKiS important? Many young people know little about land surveying, so I will enjoy making them aware it has been a career for many people over many hundreds of years to help build the Pyramids, Roman Road, Stonehenge and much more. I love the GKiS poster showing a world without surveyors and kids will love spotting what is wrong.
What are your plans as a Brand Ambassador? I will help promote my love of Land Surveying to Schools, Scouts and Colleges.
What are your hobbies outside of work? I enjoy road biking and swimming. I would also like to do more cold water exposure. I managed a quick dip in the sea in Newquay in February!
Let’s hear some of your GKiS character ideas? I’m pushing for KOREC to have a character and I would love it to be of me and a Trimble X9 scanner
Any suggestions for future GKiS resources: I think the resources on GKiS are great and I’ve used some of the posters. Everyone likes a calendar, so that would be a good addition.