Ambassador Spotlight ‘Christine Wanja’

Welcome to Christine Wanja our latest Brand Ambassador! Here’s a little bit about her:

“Hi, my name is Christine Wanja. I am a land surveyor here in Kenya. I studied at Regional  Centre Training Institute. You need to have good grades,register with the Institution of surveyors Kenya, be passionate, ensure accuracy and follow the guidelines set aside when it comes to lands and surveying to be a surveyor. I got into surveying out of curiosity I never really knew what it entailed since I have never met any land surveyor. I was passionate about it since I knew it involved shambas and that was enough to make me pursue land survey.

I have been in the industry for two years now.

I got into land survey without knowing what it entails. I had never been involved with any surveyor. I almost gave up the dream of becoming a surveyor since I never knew of any college that could offer a diploma in land survey.

If as a kid I had a land surveyor to mentor me into survey I would be very far in my profession right now.

In Kenya, most of the kids I have met or know want to be either a doctor, engineer, or teacher, Most kids, and people don’t know about any survey or geospatial engineering. Being a brand ambassador I have made it my obligation to enlighten kids that survey is a career profession one can pursue and that it is interesting and it also pays.

I love traveling and experiencing new cultures and places. I love socialising and meeting new people”